Should I take TRX2 in the morning or in the evening, when is the best time?

It doesn't really make a difference at which time of the day you take TRX2. However, it is important to take it together with food in order to increase the body's resorption of the ingredients contained in TRX2. Most customers choose to take TRX2 during breakfast. Others prefer to split up the 3 capsules across the day (e.g. 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening). 

The best time for taking TRX2 is totally up to you and best results, depending on your metabolism, may be different from customer to customer. We usually recommend taking the capsules together with some food because of the body's peak resorption (i.e. the capsules are delivered via the bloodstream most efficiently). Based on our data so far, most customers choose to take the capsules all at once in the morning together with their breakfast.


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