Does TRX2 cause shedding?

Most patients do not report shedding as a side effect when using our supplement. Still, in some instances shedding may occur if TRX2 is being used in conjunction with other treatments, such as minoxidil (Rogaine). If shedding does occur, you can expect your hair to re-grow during the normal course of treatment.

Mild shedding is common when starting many new hair loss treatments, although it is not usually reported with TRX2. Overall, shedding means that miniaturized hairs are starting a new cycle. If this was stimulated due to TRX2, you can expect the hairs (when they grow back and re-cycle) to become thicker and stronger.

Shedding can be a normal part of your hair cycle (many people report increased shedding during wintertime, springtime, etc.) and should not be permanent. If your shedding becomes worse, you should always contact your personal physician.



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