Combining Propecia (Finasteride) with TRX2

We do not promote the use of finasteride (or dutasteride) simply because of the unknown side effects connected with the long-term use of such drugs (see our article However, there are a number of customers who take TRX2 supplementation in combination with other treatments (such as finasteride or minoxidil) and do report satisfying results.

Unlike 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as finasteride or dutasteride, which target the reduction of DHT on a hormonal level, TRX2 targets the reduction of DHT on a molecular level. The idea is to repair broken molecular mechanisms (i.e. potassium channel synthesis and activity) at first and therefore deduce/eliminate the damage DHT can do to the hair follicle at second. Rather than treating hair loss symptomatically (i.e. treating hair loss once hormones are doing damage) TRX2 aims to address the more underlying, broken molecular strings, which have allowed DHT to damage the hair follicle at the first place. Please have a look at our "How it works" video on


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