If TRX2 is taken with minoxidil would it enhance results? If later I stopped with minoxidil but continued with TRX2 would hair loss start again?

Generally TRX2 is designed to be effective on its own. Hence no need to complement it with minoxidil. In fact all our study results are based on patients who have been only on TRX2 and no other treatment - check out

However, customers who have been using minoxidil for years and have experienced a decrease of efficacy over time have experienced enhanced efficacy once they started using TRX2 in combination with another treatment. Hence, there is no reason why a customer cannot use both treatments if he or she wishes to do so. If later on a decision is made to stop taking minoxidil but to continue taking just TRX2, it is unlikely that there would be negative results. (However, again we have not conducted studies on this - TRX2 is designed to be effective on its own.)

Continuous intake of TRX2 is important as this treatment works together with your metabolism. It is a treatment not a cure. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure yet for androgenetic alopecia (however, we are working hard on this and the majority of our research is focused on this).


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